We make authentic historical flags out of steel. These flags make

a great wall display. This page has a small sample of the flags

we make. If you don't see the flag you are interested in, email

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Ft. McHenry Flag



18 x 10 - $100.00

24 x 14 - $179.00

36 x 21 - $279.00 




The 15 Star Flag and The Star Spangled Banner



This Flag became the Official United States Flag on May 1st,1795. Two stars were added for the admission of Vermont (the 14th State on March 4th, 1791) and Kentucky (the 15th State on June 1st, 1792, and was to last for 23 years. The five Presidents who served under this flag were:


       George Washington (1789-1797)       John Adams (1797-1801)        Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809)       

James Madison (1809-1817)        James Monroe (1817-1825)


The 15-star, 15-stripe flag was authorized by the Flag Act of January 13, 1794, adding 2 stripes and 2 Stars. The regulation went into effect on May 1, 1795. This flag was the only U.S. Flag to have more than 13 stripes. It was immortalized by Francis Scott Key during the bombardment of Fort McHenry, Sept 13, 1814. This flag is representative of the actual flag that flew over Fort McHenry on that day and which is now preserved in the Smithsonian Museum. You can notice the "tilt" in some of the stars just as in the original Star Spangled Banner.




Betsy Ross Flag


18 x 10 - $100.00

24 x 14 - $179.00

36 x 21 - $279.00 



In May of 1776, the Congressional Committee called upon Betsy Ross at her shop. She finished the flag either in late May or early June 1776. In July, the Declaration of Independence was read aloud for the first time at Independence Hall. Amid celebration, bells throughout the city tolled, heralding the birth of a new nation.

Much suffering and loss of life would result, however, before the United States would completely sever ties with Britain. Betsy Ross herself lost two husbands to the Revolutionary War. During the conflict the British appropriated her house to lodge soldiers. Through it all she managed to run her own upholstery business (which she continued operating for several decades after the war) and after the soldiers left, she wove cloth pouches which were used to hold gunpowder for the Continentals.

On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress, seeking to promote national pride and unity, adopted the national flag. "Resolved: that the flag of the United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation."



Bennington Flag


18 x 10 - $100.00

24 x 14 - $179.00

36 x 21 - $279.00 



The Bennington flag is a version of the American Flag associated with the American Revolution Battle of Bennington from which it derives its name . Like many Revolution era flags, the Bennington features 13 stars and 13 stripes, symbolic of the 13 American colonies that were in a state of rebellion against Great Britain. The Bennington version is easily identified by a large '76' in the canton, recalling the year 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Another distinctive feature of the Bennington flag is the arrangement of the 13 stripes, with white being outermost (rather than red being outermost as in the current flag). Also, its stars have seven points each (instead of the current five) and the blue canton is taller than on other flags, spanning nine instead of seven of the thirteen stripes.

CSA Stars and Bars


18 x 10 - $89.00

24 x 14 - $149.00

36 x 21 - $239.00 


The first official national flag of the Confederacy, often called the "Stars and Bars", was flown from March 4, 1861 to May 1, 1863. It was designed by German / Prussian artist Nicola Marschall in Marion, Alabame and resembles the Flag of the Austrian Empire, (later Austria - Hungary), today's remnant Republic of Austria, with which Marschall would have been familiar.The "Stars and Bars" flag was adopted March 4, 1861, in the first temporary national capital of Montgomery, Alabama and raised over the dome of that first Confederate capitol.



16 X 14 - $49.00

20 X 17.5 - $59.00

24 X 21 - $69.00

Base color of this flag is white. Stars and white bars are cut out of flag. Color is on one side only.





 16 x 6 - $29.00

20 x 7 - $43.00

24 x 9 - $59.00


All flags are cut from 16 GA steel and finished with a rust resistant epoxy primer and several coats of industrial acrylic enamel paint. Rubber grommets are installed in the corners for mounting. Flags are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Stars are cut out of flag. The canton (blue field) and stripes are painted on ONE side only. Flag is meant to be displayed in the horizontal postion only. If you want to hang it vertically, please notify us and we will paint it so the star field is displayed on the left.  If you want the canton and stripes on both sides, add $50.00 for 18", $75.00 for 24", or $100.00 for 36". Flag sizes are quoted to the closest inch. Unless listed, multicolored items only have the multiple colors on one side with the reverse side in the base coat (major color).

Flags are NOT stock items. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Custom sizes and flags are available - contact us with your requirements. 



Unless specifically noted, all items listed are quoted to the closest inch.